2 years ago


   This thing of talking to people close to I and only finding out later I would have rather stood on top of the hill and told everybody up irks me. People irritates a person not because they want to but, because there is a weakness they read more...

3 years ago

I do forgive people

Wise people take responsiblity for their actions, foolish ones point fingers and won't admit when their wrong. Whenever you find yourself in trouble and blaming others know this; you are worse off. The thing is, you won't be able to solve read more...

3 years ago

oh really?

I had lost most confidence in me --if not all of it. I had lost all hope if not most of it.
I took a look at me and all I saw was; a face of a soul trapped within somebody
else's. Not that only, what I was experiencing, I believe read more...

3 years ago

iron out

Whatever mood you're in, don't you think we're all in. It is you who is in it, why should we get involved into something that is within you? It's the same as having a problem and don't know how to solve it and start insulting a read more...

3 years ago

is all in the mind

Not  everybody is your family, not everybody is your blood relative. Even if they were, none of them would fall for your stupid trap of wanting them to do something for you while you sitting idly like a newborn waiting to be fed, diaper-chang read more...

3 years ago


Whenever a crook tries to rob a person, he first tries to convince him about how good he is, how his help is going to be of good to the victim.  I have been told how false I am many times that calculating would just be a waste of time to me a read more...